Interface changes

The previously mentioned NYCityMap interface changes are now live. These changes reflect usability improvements and address feedback received. The result is the preservation of existing functionality while streamlining the user interface. The changes are:

Addition of an Advanced tool. Within this are the previous tools that existed over the base map.

Advanced Tool

Replacing the slider with Map Type tool. Many users were confused by the slider and the ability to toggle between a cartographic map (Map) and the numerous years of aerial photography. All of these base maps still exist but are are now within the Map Type tool. The base map selected is shown by a check next to the entry.

Map Type

15 thoughts on “Interface changes

  1. Thank You for these improvements. The NYCityMap is an essential tool for me. I am grateful to all of you. Ya’ll should kick back and sip some well-deserved egg-nog!
    Ken Sacharin

  2. What happened to the 1920s aerial photograph layer? I came to the map to refer to this for a project, but do not see it in the new version.

    This is a great tool, am just disappointed this information seems to have gone away.


    • The 1924 aerials are still there. There was an issue with the stylesheets being rendered in Chrome and Firefox. A fix will go out tomorrow. For now, you can view them in Internet Explorer.

  3. Colin,
    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my feedback. Love the site and I keep on getting lost there, (in a good way), but as I pointed out yesterday, the aerial photos from 1924 are not accessible from the new Map Type tool. Is that just an oversight or are they no longer available?
    Thanks again,

  4. Is there any reason the zoom tool would stop working? Is the map designed for only the most up-to-date vesion of various systems (I use Firefox and Explorer and it works with neither)? I’ve been using it, joyously, for years, but have found that for the past several months (don’t recall exactly when) the zoom does nothing. It just makes a tiny blue square on the map but enlarges zilch. This is rough since I’ve found that it’s really the most important tool to get to where you want to be easily. That much said, I echo Ken in his praise of the map. Well, maybe the dates given for various buildings is incorrect at times but I’m guessing you have to work with information provided by someone else).

    • Appreciate the positive feedback. We will look into the zoom issue but I am not able to replicate. What browser and version are you using and what operating system?

  5. Your map looks better all the time. I tried to download shapefiles for the park details and the parking lots on the NYC open data site, but I couldn’t find them. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Horia

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