Where is the identify tool?

The current release of NYCityMap includes interface updates and addresses issues resulting from the recent update of Chrome (version 29). The interface changes were a result of feedback received and are intended to improve the user experience.

The identify tool was removed; however the functionality still exists. The default tool (Pan) now handles this function similar to Google and Bing Maps. On single left click of the mouse, the tool identifies map features provided the user is zoomed enough to see the feature being identified. On left mouse hold the tool pans the map.

The code changes required due to the Chrome update were related to Dojo widets employed by NYCityMap. These widget were not rendering in Chrome properly. To those who were impacted by this issue, we apologize for the inconvenience. We had made the code changesĀ and were already through testing and ready for release when the Chrome issue struck, We therefore released both changes together.

Well the story does not end there. We have since received feedback from some of our clients critical of the interface changes. We agreed with the feedback and have decided to make additional enhancements as follows:

  • Remove the Pan tool entirely. This will be the default tool (pan/identify/zoom);
  • Add zoom one level on left double-click of the mouse;
  • Add an Advanced Tools button and place within the drag zoom, measure, save map and email a friend tools;
  • Change the Show Aerial Photo tool to a button title Map Type. On click menu items will show the different Aerial Photography years.
  • Change the drag zoom and measure tools to single action (i.e., after single use the tool defaults back to pan/identify/zoom.

These changes are underway and we expect to release these barring any unforeseen issues by the end of the month.