Hurricane Sandy Preparation: Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder

In preparation for Hurricane Sandy, the DoITT GIS group launched a new Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder on Friday October 26, 2012.  The application was rapidly developed and deployed using Mapbox. Over the course of the devastating storm, there were nearly 6 million map views. We hope the information was easily understood and beneficial to the residents of NYC.

Mapbox is a cloud-based platform for publishing maps. The open source cartography tool TileMill was used to style the DoITT map data (layers).  The layers were the updated evacuation zones and the evacuation centers. The City’s internal geocoding service Geosupport was utilized. With the ability of the cloud to handle large bursts in traffic and scale dynamically, DoITT GIS plans to utilize cloud-based offerings for future emergencies and large-scale events.