NYC Election Districts

The U.S. Constitution requires the redrawing every ten years of congressional and legislative boundaries (i.e., election districts) to account for shifts in population. This is referred to as redistricting. Concurrently, reapportionment is the redividing of a fixed number of seats in Congress (435) to be in proportion with a state’s population to the population in the U.S. As both of these efforts are based on population, they coincide with the U.S. Census Bureau’s decennial release of the federal census.

New York State convenes a Legislative Task Force to aid the legislature in meeting its constitutional mandate. This effort was completed earlier this year and resulted in new election districts. These new election districts apply to this coming election as they define the areas the to-be elected officials represent. In advance of these newly elected officials taking office in January, NYCityMap will be updated with the new election districts. There are numerous resources for comparing the new and old election districts. One of which is an interactive map from the New York Times.

Until then, NYCityMap will display the election districts for the currently elected officials. To see who is your elected official follow these instructions. To determine where to vote, use the Pollsite Locator. This site utilizes the new election districts to provide citizens their polling location based on the address of their residence.