NYCityMap 13.0 Release Notes

Single Field Search

The NYCityMap current release includes a major revision to how searching is undertaken.  After receiving numerous feedback and suggestions, we implemented a greatly simplified search function.  The previous search function remains but has been changed to an Advanced Search.

Instead of requiring users to specify a search type, a single-field entry has been implemented with this release.  The application parses (i.e., separate into its individual component parts) the input to this single field to determine the search type and then executes the search.  Search input that can be parsed and is not ambiguous (e.g., same address in multiple boroughs but the user did not include the borough),  will center the map on the search location.  Input that cannot be parsed or for which a match cannot be found, will generate an error message in the Advanced Search widget.  If the search results in multiple candidate locations, these will also be presented in the Advanced Search widget as suggestions.  Each suggestion can be clicked on to perform the suggested location search.  See the example below for the search ‘2 Broadway’ that returned three suggestions.

We’ve also improved how our suggestion list is populated in the hopes that we’ll be able to suggest the location you did intend to enter in the event of a typo or incomplete information.  All candidates are pre-validate before being presented.

In addition to simplifying the user interface, the simplified search form requires less input information to execute a search.  For example, the borough is not required as was previously the case although one can be provided to prevent any possible ambiguity – see previous screenshot.

Single field search can handle the following search types:

  • Address
  • Place of Interest
  • Borough/Block/Lot (BBL) New
  • Intersection
  • Community District
  • City Council District
  • ZIP Code
  • Street between intersections New
  • Coordinate (latitude/longitude and NY State Plane) New
  • Building Identification Number (BIN) New
  • Neighborhood New

The NYCityMap logo was also updated with this release.

Bug Fixes

In the previous release users were unable to add the result of an identify within Staten Island to their search history. This has been resolved in this release.

3 thoughts on “NYCityMap 13.0 Release Notes

  1. Hi,
    is it possible to import multiple address points and have them mapped. The City requires that I send them the multiple routes that my network uses. Can I create a file with all the multiple points and have each one displayed either on the same map or multiple maps.

    Thank you

    • No, NYCityMap is a read-only application. You cannot add data to it.

      You can do what you are describing using GIS software (QGIS, ArcGIS) in combination with NYC data.

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