Which Streets are Closed?

DoITT GIS in collaboration with its partners the Department of Transportation (DOT) and The Mayor’s Office Citywide Events Coordination and Management (CECM) and in conjunction with the City Council recently launched the Street Closures application.  This interactive mapping application shows all current and planned full-street closures in New York City and is filterable by date, time and location.  Planned street closures are present at least one week prior to its start or if less lead time is known, as in the case of the NY Giants parade, as soon as possible.

Construction and event (e.g., parades and street fairs) related street closures are presented on the map and in tabular view. Clicking on a record in the table will center the map on that closure while clicking on the closure on the map will highlight the record in the table.  Basic information about the closure is provided in the table and in a pop-up window as seen in the screenshot below.

2012 NY Giants Super Bowl Parade

The application was developed using open source technologies including OpenLayers, GeoServer, GeoWebCache and GeoEXT. The street closure application shares the same base map tiles as NYCityMap and geocoding service.


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