Zoning and Land Use (ZoLa)

Released last week is the newest Webmap-based application and the latest NYC Simplicity initiative, ZoLa.  Done in collaboration with the Department of City Planning (DCP), ZoLa provides New York City residents up-to-date  information on zoning and land use.  Information that is critical to community groups, developers and property owners to better understand their properties and their properties relationship to its surroundings.

DoITT’s GIS unit developed ZoLa in collaboration with DCP.  The effort was completed entirely in house utilizing existing infrastructure and DoITT’s in-house developed Webmap.  Automated procedures were written to ensure the data is kept fresh, with a monthly update of most critical data including zoning and land use.  To date the Bloomberg Administration has adopted 112 rezonings and has more in the pipleline, further underscoring ZoLa’s importance of making this information available in a timely and visually understandable means (i.e., a map).

ZoLa includes detailed information on Commercial Overlays, Special Purpose and Limited Height districts,  Lower Density Growth Management Areas and Inclusionary Housing Designated Areas. To overlay this information on the map click “Show Zoning & Related Data on Map” and navigate to the respective grouping.  Descriptive information for each data set can be found by right clicking over the data set name and selecting “Display Metadata for…”