NYCityMap 11.0 Release Notes

This quarter we’ve released two new features that we think you will appreciate.

Zoom to Layer

A right-click context menu was added to all non-visible layers.  Selecting the “Zoom to …” menu item will zoom the map to the nearest scale at which the layer is visible and turn on that layer

“Zoom to Fire House” Menu Item

After “Zoom to Fire House”

Add identify result to list of searched locations

When viewing the basemap at the building level, the identify tool () was available to view information about a particular tax parcel. With this release, we have added the ability to add the tax parcel to your searched locations so you can discover even more information. From the identify result, simply click the “Add to Searched Locations” link and the tax parcel number will be added to the list of searched locations.

Identify result with link to add to searched locations

Searched location with additional information