NYCityMap 10.0 Release Notes

Performance Enhancements

We’re excited to announce release 10.0 which contains a lot of performance enhancements. With this release we attempted to reduce the initial map load time as much as possible. To accomplish this we:

  • converted our tool icons to sprites
  • added cache-control headers for browser and proxy level caching of files which change infrequently
  • created new domain names for serving map tiles from multiple domains for faster simultaneous download
  • added more caching of thematic data on the server-side, this benefits applications like SCOUT, 311 SRMap, and Performance Mapping Report
  • reduced search time for retrieving elected officials

Health Facilities

We’ve added the locations of a few health facilities to NYCityMap.  You can find them all in the Health Facilities group.

New Basemap Tiles

We’ve released a new set of basemap tiles.  Some improvements to the tiles include:

  • update to most recent version of LION (find out more information about LION from DCP’s Bytes of the Big Apple)
  • update to most recent building footprint data
  • display of additional park features
  • display of additional street labels at certain scales

Park Tile Before

Park Tile Now

Street Tile Before

Street Tile After

MapPLUTO 10v2

Also in this release we have upgraded from MapPLUTO 10v1 to 10v2. MapPLUTO is available from the NYC Department of City Planning, you can find out more information from their Bytes of the Big Apple website. NYCityMap uses MapPLUTO to provide much of the building information that you see when you search for an address or identify a building on the basemap.

DEP Green Infrastructure Map

In September of 2010 NYC DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) released the NYC Green Infrastructure Plan. According to the Executive Summary, “This Green Infrastructure Plan presents an alternative approach to improving water quality that integrates green infrastructure, such as swales and green roofs, with investments to optimize the existing system and to build targeted, smaller-scale ‘grey’ or traditional infrastructure.”

A major component of the web strategy is to implement a mapping application to show Green Infrastructure projects. This application can be accessed through the ‘Other Themes’ menu on NYCityMap or by clicking here.

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