Earth Day NYC… Green Infrastructure Map

In September of 2010 NYC DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) released the NYC Green Infrastructure Plan. According to the Executive Summary, “This Green Infrastructure Plan presents an alternative approach to improving water quality that integrates green infrastructure, such as swales and green roofs, with investments to optimize the existing system and to build targeted, smaller-scale ‘grey’ or traditional infrastructure. This is a multi-pronged, modular, and adaptive approach to a complicated problem that will provide widespread, immediate benefits at a lower cost. The green infrastructure component of this strategy builds upon and reinforces the strong public and government support that will be necessary to make additional water quality investments.”
A major component of the web strategy is to implement a mapping application to show Green Infrastructure projects. This application can be accessed through the ‘Other Themes’ menu on NYCityMap or by clicking here.

Green Infrastructure map

Happy Earth Day!!!!

Who’s my elected official?

Ever wondered who represents you at the local, state and federal level?  Your representatives are determined by where you live.  We’ll steer clear of the political redistricting discussion and focus on the topic.  To find out, you can search NYCityMap.  From an address search, click “Show Additional Information…” as shown below.


At the bottom of the subsequent panel, click “Elected Official Information” as shown below.   There are tabs across the panel for viewing Local, State and Federal elected officials.  Additionally, there is a vertical scroll bar along the right side to navigate the content.

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