NYC 311 Service Request Map

The newest application developed using DoITT GIS’ Webmap framework is the 311 Service Request (SR) Map (access here). Deputy Mayor Goldsmith along with Commissioner Post and Operations Director Liz Weinstein released the application at a press conference on Wednesday February 16, 2011 (read the press release).  The application provides the public access to open and recently closed (last five days) 311 service requests for 15 different major categories.

The service requests are geocoded on intake at 311 and are presented on a map for presentation and search capabilities and ostensibly ease of use.  The data is updated every twenty-four hours. One years worth of data represents over 4 million records (i.e., points on a map).  Service requests at a the same location (e.g., address, intersection) are aggregated and the size is graduated by the number of service requests at the location.  Therefore, locations with greater service requests will have points of a larger size.

Graduated Points example

Even taking these steps makes presenting so much data on a map challenging.  If you could envision a city-wide map of points representing months worth of data, there would be very little discernible information to pull from such a map. To address this, the initial map is a choropleth (aka thematic) map. A choropleth map shows shaded areas based on an incident rate or total count. In the case of the initial 311 map, it is the count of service requests by community district.  As you zoom in, the map will transition to points at a specific threshold when viewing points is more visibly tenable.

In addition to seeing the service requests on the map, users can use the identify tool to click on a point to see the actual service requests.  If there are multiple requests at a single location – see below example – a list is provided.  More detailed information can be found by clicking on each individual service request.

Identify Tool Results

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