By the numbers…

In honor of the initial release of US Census data, it seemed worthwhile to provide some numbers on the built environment. For NYC, there are approximately:

1,050,888 Buildings

860,213 Tax parcels (lots)

5,946 linear miles of streets

540 miles of bike paths, lanes and routes

2,027 Bridges

~ 258,000 Elevators

486 Subway stations

842 linear miles of track

> 1,700 NYC Parks Department properties

~ 109,200 Fire hydrants

6 thoughts on “By the numbers…

  1. A search of one of our planimetrics files shows 33 such segments, most of them in the west Bronx, including your example of E. 168th St. between Clay and Teller Avs. I know of a few others, however, which are either not included in the coverage or are mislabelled as alleys.

    Most of these were so built due to geographic considerations, but others appear to have been designed as early examples of what are now known as “traffic calming devices”. Examples of this include 74th and 76th Streets between Colonial Rd. and Ridge Blvd. in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn.

  2. @Emilio – The total count of bridges includes all highway overpasses, which DOT classifies as a bridge but may not be what is generally considered a bridge by most.

    @Jonathan – Our source was the Fund For the City of New York – see link below. It was the only field-verified independent source we could find. Although a bit dated it was useful for an approximate number. In the interim, with the addition of new streets (Egan St, Berriman Pl, Linwood St) the number has clearly risen.

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