New York City Geometry

In most places, if you ask someone to define or describe a square, they will say something like, “it is a geometric shape that has four equal sides, with four equal angles.” This seems pretty straightforward until you come to New York of course, where everything is unique, even the squares. The classic case in point, Times Square, which as you can see in the image below is more like a triangle!
Times Square
In the West Village in Manhattan, we find a tri-fecta of triangular squares… Jackson Square, McCarthy Square and Abingdon Square… all shaped like triangles.
Triangular squares in the West Village

As if that wasn’t enough, take a look at Bartel-Pritchard Square adjacent to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It is actually a circle!
Circular squares… Only in New York.
Bartel-Pritchard Square

3 thoughts on “New York City Geometry

  1. Hi Doug, only took a quick search through the blog so maybe I missed it, but does the city have any kind of boundary data for the neighborhoods available? Or does even any such official boundaries exist?

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