Reach for the golden ring…

While they don’t still offer free rides, an amusing activity for children and grown-ups alike is taking a ride on a carousel, or ‘merry-go-round’. According to Time-Out New York, there are number of ‘active’ carousels spinning in the City, with six of them in City Parks (for a history of carousels in the Parks take a look here).

These circular features are usually pretty easy to spot on the aerial images of NYCityMap in the same way other recreational spots were found in previous posts (NYC Playgrounds from Above, Stranded at the Drive-In).
See if you can locate the following:

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Bonus Carousels

  • The Muller Carousel in Forest Park is currently without an operator, but boasts animals from the famous wood carver, Daniel Carl Muller.
  • For history buffs, the original carousel in Prospect Park was built in 1874 and was located in the area known today as the Rose Garden. In 1885, it was moved to the picnic area on the west side of the Long Meadow and can been seen in the 1924 aerial photographs. This burned down and the current carousel was built in its current location in 1952.