The Legend of NYCityMap…

Even after using NYCityMap once, we hope it becomes clear that a wealth of information is displayed in the application. The basemap (i.e., primary map data excluding dynamic layers) alone is particularly complex and replete. One of the original design goals for NYCityMap was to keep the cartographic symbology simple and self-explanatory. In the event that this goal has not be achieved and to provide a visual reference, the following sample map is provided. This visual explanation, or legend, shows the symbols presented on the basemap.

As you can see, there certainly is no dearth of data in NYCityMap!

4 thoughts on “The Legend of NYCityMap…

  1. How is it that some properties are not searchable with NYCityMap, yet they still exist when I click on them with the “i” button? For example, Queens, Block 10095, Lot 32.

  2. That is because there is a bug. Thanks for catching it. A fix will be in the next release currently targeted for the middle of October.

  3. So there’s a curbline shown, then a sidewalk, then dark grey band (in some areas) and then the building footprint. So, what is the dark grey? Is that private property? Underground structures? Something else entirely?

    • The grayish/brown area you describe is the underlying property, there is no distinction as to whether it is public or private however. Ownership could be determined by using the identify (i) tool and clicking on the property to reveal additional information about the location clicked.

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