Stranded at the Drive-in…

One of the great things about viewing vintage aerial photography is the ability to see locations of things that previous generations routinely enjoyed. Case in point… drive-in movie theaters.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the hey day of drive-in movie theaters, there were over 4,000 of them across the United States. Of course, New York City was no exception, housing a couple of the outdoor cinemas. Unfortunately, thanks to ever rising property values, these nostalgic gems no longer exist. However, we were able to locate some of them in the 1951 aerial photographs.

The Whitestone Drive-In in the Bronx.

The Fabian (Staten Island) Drive-In.

And lastly,we spotted this one, The Bayshore Sunrise Drive-In, but since it is outside the five boroughs, it doesn’t really count. 😉

Let us know if you spot any interesting landmarks!

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