Viewing the Aerials and Toggling back to the map

NYCityMap provides the ability to view aerial photography from multiple years as well as viewing a cartographic map. To view a particular aerial or to toggle back to viewing the map, click on the Show Aerial Photo Map icon and then click on the aerial year of choice or Map in the slidebar to return to the cartographic map.

14 thoughts on “Viewing the Aerials and Toggling back to the map

  1. Hey, just wondering, I noticed on the time slider there is a 1951 notch. Is that going to be available soon or something, because I don’t see it on the current map.

    • Given what we had to work with, I think we did an excellent job though admittedly I’m biased. The images were originally taken following a tile grid defined by the City’s 35 sectional maps. These were further split into four quadrants (to fit on a scanner) and scanned. The resulting scans we were provided had alignment and overlap issues galore.

  2. Great site but I have one concern. With the older version, it was possible to toggle between different years and the map would stay at the same location. Now, it resets back to the default map. Is it possible to prevent this from happening? The previous version made it very easy to compare the change that occured over time.


  3. Thank you for improving the site with the last update. Do you have plans of adding additional years? Also, are higher resolution aerials in the works? Is there a way of transferring the property information from the map or aerial into the search fields?

  4. Yes, we would like to add more years provided we can acquire them. The current aerial photography resolution will not change. It is already high resolution. What sort of property searches did you have in mind?

  5. In order to get additional information on a selected property, you have to copy the address or block+ lot info into the fields. Is there a way of acessing the same by another process?

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