MapPLUTO 09v2, Empire Zones, and Federal Empowerment Zones

Today NYCityMap upgraded from MapPLUTO 09v1 to 09v2. MapPLUTO is available from the NYC Department of City Planning, you can find out more information from their Bytes of the Big Apple website. NYCityMap uses MapPLUTO to provide much of the building information that you see when you search for an address or identify a building on the basemap.

NYCityMap recently made available 2 new data sets under the City Programs menu. These are Empire Zones and Federal Empowerment Zones. Empire Zones are defined under The New York State Empire Zone (EZ) Program which offers a wide array of incentives including tax credits and utility discounts. Federal Empowerment Zones are defined under a federal economic development initiative that uses public funds and tax incentives to encourage private investment in the area. Businesses that qualify and operate in the EZ may be eligible for an employer wage credit for increased depreciation tax deductions and tax-exempt bond financing. New York City has two empowerment zones: Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Corporation (UMEZ) and Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC).

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