MapPLUTO 09v2, Empire Zones, and Federal Empowerment Zones

Today NYCityMap upgraded from MapPLUTO 09v1 to 09v2. MapPLUTO is available from the NYC Department of City Planning, you can find out more information from their Bytes of the Big Apple website. NYCityMap uses MapPLUTO to provide much of the building information that you see when you search for an address or identify a building on the basemap.

NYCityMap recently made available 2 new data sets under the City Programs menu. These are Empire Zones and Federal Empowerment Zones. Empire Zones are defined under The New York State Empire Zone (EZ) Program which offers a wide array of incentives including tax credits and utility discounts. Federal Empowerment Zones are defined under a federal economic development initiative that uses public funds and tax incentives to encourage private investment in the area. Businesses that qualify and operate in the EZ may be eligible for an employer wage credit for increased depreciation tax deductions and tax-exempt bond financing. New York City has two empowerment zones: Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Corporation (UMEZ) and Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC).

NYCityMap 5.0 Release Notes

Now you can view the last modified date, abstract, keywords and source for all data layers in NYCityMap. ┬áJust go to Show Additional Data on Map and right-click on the layer you are interested in, then choose Display Metadata for…

Historic Aerials
We’ve added the 2008 and 1924 aerial photographs to NYCityMap. Now you can view high resolution aerial photography from 1924, 2006, or 2008.

DOT Traffic Camera

Added DOT Traffic Cameras to Transportation menu.

Wifi Hotspot

Updated list of Wifi Hotspots.

Link to this Map

Now users can click the link icon to generate a reusable link to the customized NYCityMap view they are currently seeing. The link will maintain your search history, basemap tile cache (aerial or map), zoom level, city location, and any additional data you may have turned on.

Find Nearest within a Distance

Added the ability to find the nearest locations to a searched point by distance. Previously this was only possible by total number of locations. Users can choose between distances by miles, feet, yards, kilometers, and meters.

DOT Parking Regulations

Added link from Neighborhood Information to the DOT Parking Regulations page.

Landmark Status

We’ve added landmark status to the information provided in the Building & Property Information. Buildings which are designated landmarks or fall into an historic district are now indicated with a “yes”. Buildings which fall into historic districts provide the district name.